I’m 19 years old, studying Creative Writing at Liverpool John Moore’s University. Writing is without a doubt my favourite thing in the whole world- everything from prose, poetry, to essays and articles. It’s my dream to be able to write for a living!

I’m a regular blogger for Spark Movement (Powered by Girl) – a website dedicated to combating gender injustice- and have had articles published on there from areas covering the sexual harassment cases in Hollywood to the harms caused by capitalism across the word. I also have a short story published (about a homeless Icelandic woman coming to terms with herself and motherhood, all the while trying to find the sunlight and keep her son warm) published on The Bohemyth- an online Irish literary journal.

This blog is supposed to be a really casual and personal thing. I began it simply because of how much I enjoy writing. That’s all it is. A place to collate some of my writings and musings. It will feature pieces about literature, music, film, television, cooking, baking, politics & everything else I care about and find interesting.

Thank you! X



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